Retro Reflective Paints

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reflective paints Our company, ViziGlow, specializes in creating and selling reflective paints to consumer, commercial and industrial customers. ViziGlow paints are used for a variety of applications ranging from artistic endeavors, to industrial safety applications where night time visibility is desired. (click to shop)

Our coatings are retro reflective which means they reflect light back to the light source, exactly like a traffic sign does. Hence the term retro, meaning to return. This type of reflectivity differs from specular (mirror) or diffused reflectivity in that it returns more light to the source than these other types of reflectivity.

retro reflective paint coating

We carry two basic types of reflective paint. One is our standard White Reflective Paint and uses standard retro reflective glass beads for reflectivity. Although it is translucent, it does have a white appearance, especially when several layers are used. Our second type of reflective paint is what we call our Ultra Bright. It uses metalized beads for reflectivity which are approximately 50% brighter than standard non metalized beads. Because the beads are metalized, they have a darker grey or silver appearance. Although they appear darker, they reflective brighter.

Both of our paints are created using a water based polyurethane base making our paints perfect for both interior and exterior use. The coating created using our products is designed to have a long life in all weather conditions.