How Do I Apply Reflective Paint for the Brightest Effect?

How To Apply Retro Reflective Paint (click to shop)

Applying reflective paint is similar to applying any paint with two key differences.  First, the paint must be shaken and stirred very well so that the beads are evenly distributed in the container.  If you don’t mix well, the top layer will just be clear polyurethane. Second, the coats of paint must be thin.  Thick coats will result in the beads sinking below the surface.  Beads below the surface will not reflective.  For beads to reflect, they must be partially above the surface.  So thin coats allow for this.  Multiple coats can be applied, however, the first coat must be dry before the second coat is applied.  And remember, the last coat must be thin.

how to apply reflective paint
Applying Reflective Paint

For the brightest effect, you can purchase a pack of reflective powder, and then while your coat of paint is still wet, sprinkle the powder over the top and let it dry.  This will give you the brightest and most reflective coating possible.  Use silver or metalized reflective powder for our silver paint, and white reflective powder for our standard whit reflective paint.

Silver Metalized Beads Reflective Paint
Reflective Paint – Silver Metalized Beads