Ultra Bright Reflective Paint – 8 oz Reflective Coating with High Index Glass Beads

8 Ounce Container of Ultra Bright Reflective Paint. Add bright retro reflectivity to your project with our ViziGlow Super Bright Reflective Coating. Indoor/Outdoor Durable. Our ultra bright line of reflective coatings are created by mixing high-quality, 350 mesh, metalized reflective powder with a water-based polyurethane base. The result is a medium-thick coating that is suitable for a variety of surfaces.  Note –  porous surfaces perform the best since the coating soaks into the surface and exposed more beads. Only one thin coat of paint is needed for reflectivity, but if you wish, you can layer on more thin coats to suit your project.  Note – multiple layers do not necessarily increase reflectivity, and it is important that the layers be thin so as to not bury the micro beads.

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The silver powder (beads) within the paint are coated or metalized with aluminum which creates greater reflectivity. If you are wanting the brightest, most reflective product, our ultra-bright reflective paint is the way to go! This paint is grey in normal lighting and reflects a bright white/silver color.  Note – brighter reflective coatings, just like white reflective tapes, are darker due to the coating that causes the beads to reflect more light back to the source.

brushable reflective paint

Each kit includes:
– 8 oz of our Ultra-Bright Reflective Paint
– 1 Free paint brush
– 1 Stirring stick

Tips for application:
– Apply in thin even coats for best reflective results
– Avoid layering other paints over reflective paint (reduces or eliminates reflective properties)
– Let coats dry in between applications.

Ultra Bright Reflective Paint 4 oz high-visibility image 3

ultra bright reflective paint

For a successful application : paint in thin even coats and brush strokes in multiple directions. There are reflective beads mixed into the paint that need to be directly exposed to your light source, and if paint is too thick or there are layers over the reflective paint, the beads will be covered and  won’t reflect.

Please note: Separation is normal. A wooden stirring stick is included with each order.  Shake and stir before using, and also as you use the product.  Keeps the micro beads in solution.

Ultra Bright Reflective Paint high-visibility stencil letters