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Art Project Using Reflective Paint for House Numbers

Reflective House Numbers – by Leigh (customer)(click to shop)

I am an elementary teacher and have a particular winter art project in mind for my students.  Before launching into the classroom lesson, I needed to test the reflective paint on a similar home project to determine the best instructional approach. I purchased the white reflective paint to apply to silver house numbers to make the numbers brighter and more visible – a similar application to my class’s winter art project.

reflective letters paint

Upon arrival, the container of paint was securely packaged with instructions, a stirring stick and applicator included in the box.  The paint had separated during shipping, but with few shakes and small amount of stirring the components mixed easily.  I used the sponge applicator to apply three very thin coats of reflective paint to the 4” tall house numbers and allowed approximately thirty minutes of drying time between each application.

house letters reflective coating

The results are that the house numbers reflect bright white and can be seen from about 75’ away in car headlights during a dark, clear night.  This reflective paint will work well for my classroom winter art project.



Great for outdoors.

Some settling during shipping but easy to shake/stir back into solution.

Only one coat was needed to achieve reflectivity.

Original color changed to white semi-translucent finish.

Amount of paint used was less than expected for items.

Additional coatings cover flaws created from brush strokes or uneven applications.

Fast shipping.

Good price.